Hair Loss Seminars

Newport Hair Loss Center (NHLC) hosts free Women’s Hair Loss seminars regularly. The response to our invitation is always overwhelming and the seminars are usually fully booked within a few days.

The purpose is oriented towards educating women regarding hair loss issues. Our distinguished guest speakers include Dr. Lavinia Chong, a highly regarded plastic surgeon and Dr. Liana Georgoulis, an expert clinical psychologist.

The central theme of the evening is usually guided by Vicki Merrill ( as our MC. Vicki is a seasoned executive with both CEO and executive management experience in large public, small private and startup firms.
Dr. Lavinia Chong, ( speaks about the medical causes for hair loss. She also discusses some healthy and beneficial alternatives to the “miracle hair growth advertisements” we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Dr. Liana Georgoulis ( addresses the emotional and psychological impact that can occur during hair loss in women. She challenges the attendees to examine their belief structures and take a look at the emphasis they placed on hair being tied to a woman’s sense of beauty.

Host of the seminar Nazy Curtis, CEO and owner of Newport Hair Loss Center, provides valuable information regarding non-surgical hair replacement solutions using hair pieces and wigs and shares her personal experience with hair loss.
The end of the seminar is usually complemented by a free hair and scalp analysis offered by Maylan Thomas, Account Manager and Heather Detrick, Educator from Rene Furterer.

The Women’s Hair Loss Seminar is a complete success and Newport Hair Loss Center will be hosting other seminars in the coming months.

We thank Dr. Lavinia Chong, Dr. Liana Georgoulis, Vicki Merrill, Maylan Thomas and Heather Detrick for supporting our events.

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