New Year New Me???



The New Year and You

New year new you? If it was only that simple. For most people, a new year’s resolution is short lived. Just because the calendar changes doesn’t mean your challenges and obstacles have. Are you magically going to have more time? Are you really not going to text that certain someone? Let’s be honest, will your will power dramatically increase this year without putting forth some actual effort?


Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Keep your resolutions simple. Make sure your goals are clear and achievable. You might not be able to lose twenty pounds, purchase a new wardrobe, take up yoga, run everyday and give up sweats, but you can focus on one or two of those issues.

Manage your time appropriately. For most people, as they age life becomes more complicated and your time is slowly picked away year by year. Make sure to manage your time appropriately for your new goals. A helpful tip is to wake up early and tackle your resolution before the day begins.

Write a plan down. Have a plan with clear objectives, goals, and timelines – make sure to have a plan B as well.

Choose carefully. We can’t fix all of our problems at once so choose wisely. When you clean your apartment you don’t do it all at once, but tackle the mess one item at a time. Make sure to focus on resolutions that will improve your overall health and happiness.

Be realistic. Examine your past failures and successes and set your goals accordingly.

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