The Amani Derma-Roller


What is Derma-rolling

With its needle-studded front, the Derma Roller may look scary but it has proven helpful in the treatment of hair loss. By creating tiny punctures on the skin’s top layer, this micro-needling stimulates collagen and elastin creation on the scalp, which helps rejuvenate the skin and hair follicles and promote hair growth.

A dermatologist also uses an in-office technique which is more aggressive for scars and wrinkles. They use an electronic derma needle which that oscillates as it punctures the skin and can result in bleeding, but produce immediate and dramatic results.

Fortunately, derma-rolling is something you can do at home. The Amani derma-roller has 540 needles and is smaller and more efficient with a needle size of 0.25mm.

When you derma-roll you always want to make sure to use a serum for best results. Our Amani Serum is a works perfectly for your scalp after derma-rolling. Our serum containing the best ingredients to help promote hair growth and a healthy scalp

Cleanse, maintain a healthy scalp and promote the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair with Amani Hair Serum

Amani Serum is a hair cell activator promoting the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair. This unique formula motivates hair’s metabolism, thereby helping to prevent further hair loss and resulting in hair that is stronger, healthier looking with greater elasticity. The warming sensation upon application indicates your hair and scalp are receiving optimum cell.

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