The Benefits of Walking

Walking may not help you lose weight, but it will help with body maintenance and overall health. The human body evolved to move. Our ancestors spent most of there days gathering and hunting for food. They would walk and run many miles a day just to procure a meal. Our bodies evolved to store energy and crave fatty and sweet foods that were high in caloric content and energy. Now when we want food we all we have to do is press a button on our smartphone or if you want to get crazy just call in and order takeout.

Walking may be the last stronghold of daily exercise that we must engage in. Even now technology is looking to provide other options like hoverboards or Segways. Walking provides many benefits like relaxation, time alone or with friends, regulating blood pressure, exercise, etc. The greatest benefit is just getting your body to move! Go take a 15-minute walk sometime today and most likely you’re going to feel slight better. Maybe you’ll have a new idea or find yourself zenning out. Perhaps you’ll look at a negative situation in a new light? Giving your mind and body time to unplug from the grid is an essential part of living. We didn’t evolve to be sedentary creatures and we don’t run on batteries.

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