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    Custom Human Hair Wigs and Extensions for Women & Men

    It is your life - and you have every right to live it the way you want. Our human hair wigs can help to live a confident and happy life. Enjoy the confidence of ‘being yourself’ by wearing human hair wigs. Human hair wigs look so natural that you can wear them everyday as well as on special occasions - as per your choices and specific needs.

    Our experts hand-craft wigs to snuggly fit your head size. A perfect fit means there is no fear of slippage at all. With the hair wig on, you can go to the gym, enjoy swimming and participate in outdoor and indoor games.

    Custom Human Hair Wigs

    A custom wig can be fitted to the size of your head and your appearance goals. If you have always had long hair, try a short hair wig. Of course, you can go as lengthy as you want, or as blonde, light brown or dark as you want. There is a wig for every hair loss condition or scalp complexity.

    Hair Loss Patient Alopecia

    Are you suffering from a sudden, patchy hair loss? This hair thinning and loss condition is called Alopecia areata. We offer real hair wigs to suit the specific needs of Alopecia patients. Cover your missing hair and start living your life with a new sense of style.

    Hair loss in chemotherapy patient

    Chemotherapy patients may suffer from hair loss. Don’t let cancer treatment such as these take away your self-confidence and style. Get our European Human hair wigs to cover your hair loss and enjoy your everyday life exactly as you did before.

    Hair loss due to trichotillomania

    Trichotillomania is one major reason for hair loss. This condition is commonly referred to as hair pulling disorder. We offer natural wigs to patients who have this complex issue. So get ready to restore your lost confidence and live the life the way you want.

    Men hair loss

    There are multiple causes for men’s hair loss. Whether it is due to male pattern baldness or other similar conditions, you don’t have to lose confidence or feel less important. Use our wigs for men to get back your vigor. Available in a range of masculine looks.

    Women hair loss

    Hair loss is a traumatic and in some cases a terrible experience for women. Whether it is caused due to Alopecia, chemo or another scalp complexity, we provide fitting and comfortable wigs for women. You can choose from a range of stylish short and long wigs.

    Custom human hair wigs for kids

    A child experiencing hair loss doesn't have to be robbed of his or her childhood. We offer a variety of children’s wigs that can hide your child's hair loss while restoring his or her innocence and joy.

    Hair loss in thyroid patient

    Many thyroid conditions can cause thinning hair or hair loss. Let us fit you with a custom human hair wig that can restore your appearance and confidence while giving you a look you can be proud of.

    At Newport Hair Loss Center, our staff is caring and compassionate. We invite you to sit down with one of our experts in a private setting for questions and to be fitted for your customized wig.

    Special Services in a Single
    FREE Appointment

    Newport Hair Loss Center goes much beyond just being a wig store. At our center, you can consult with our experts and find the most ideal wigs for your specific problem. Our center ranks #1 for providing the finest quality human hair wigs for men, women and kids as well.

    We have built a solid reputation for offering meticulously crafted hair wigs, made from unprocessed European hair. Our custom designs ensure you get exactly the size and fit that you are looking for. If medical hair loss has taken away the confidence and joy of your everyday life, you should head over to our hair loss center to find the best solution and start living a joyful life once again.

    Head size measurement and skin tone assessment are conducted in a private setting. These elements give us the information necessary to craft a one-of-a-kind human hair wig made just for you. There is nothing like a natural looking wig to transform your appearance and boost your self-esteem when hair loss has affected you.

    Nazy Curtis

    Hair Loss Wigs Specialist in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.


    CEO, Founder and President

    Trust… Care… Confidence

    Nazy Curtis, CEO and founder at Newport Hair Loss Center, has set a successful track record for providing the most ideal hair wigs to hair loss patients of various age groups. Since she has struggled with breast cancer herself and survived, she understands the emotional pain that hair loss brings. For the last 30 years, she has been on a mission to educate and help people with their hair loss problems.

    Today, Nazy’s NHLC offers an extensive line of human hair products to meet the needs of anyone looking to add length and volume to their hair or achieve an entirely new look.

    I wear my own custom designed wig everyday.

    Let Me Help You!

    Nazy Curtis

    Our Hair Restoration Services Are Available In Three Locations Across Southern California

    Our hair restoration solutions have helped people worldwide. We have been on the forefront of the hair loss industry for the last three decades. If you are suffering from hair loss, you can visit any one of our three convenient locations in Southern California. We offer a limitless range of modern and stylish hair wigs, hair extensions and hair volume pieces.

    All scalp complexities are not the same. That is why different hair replacement solutions are required for different types of hair loss problems. We specialize in non-surgical hair replacement items such as full lace wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces, etc for a wide range of patients to fulfill their individual needs in a perfect way.

    When you choose NHLC, you get compassionate care in a private setting. You will be joining a healthy collection of wig wearers from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own story. Some of our customers suffer from alopecia while others are enduring cancer treatments. Contact our office via phone or email so we can schedule a consultation to address your needs.

    Choose Your Favorite
    Custom Wig from Our

    Short Brown Human Hair Wig


    Crown: 6″ (15.25cm)
    Sides: 5.25″ (13.33cm)
    Back: 4″ (10.16cm)
    Nape: 2.25″ (5.71cm)
    Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable

    Short Blond Human Hair Wig

    Design 2-1

    Crown: 8’’ (20.32cm)
    Sides: 7.5’’ (19.05cm)
    Back: 6’’ (15.24cm)
    Nape: 3’’ (7.62cm)
    Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

    Shoulder Height Dark Brown Human Hair wig

    Design 2

    Crown: 11’’ (27.94cm)
    Sides: 12’’ (30.48cm)
    Back: 9.5’’ (24.13cm)
    Nape: 8’’ (20.32cm)
    Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

    Medium Height Blond Human Hair Wig

    Design 3

    Crown: 12’’ (30.48cm)
    Sides: 13’’ (33.02cm)
    Back: 11’’ (27.94cm)
    Nape: 10’’ (25.40cm)
    Cap Type: : Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

    Medium Height Brown Human Hair Wig

    Design 4

    Crown: 14’’ (35.56cm)
    Sides: 14’’ (35.56cm)
    Back: 13’’ (33.02cm)
    Nape: 12’’ (30.48cm)
    Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable, Closed Weft FH

    Long Light Brown Human Hair Wig


    16’’ Layered (40.64cm)
    27’’ Overall (68.58cm)
    Cap Type: Upon Consultation

    Long Dark Brown Human Hair Wig


    14/19” ( 35.56/48/26cm)
    Cap Type: Freehold

    Virgin Hair Wigs


    16/23” ( 40.64/58.42cm)
    Cap Type: Freehold

    short human hair wig

    Berlin Lily

    4/6” ( 10.16/15.24 cm)
    Cap Type: Made with NC500 lace
    Hair line, hand-tied

    Long human hair wig

    Berlin Romy

    10/14” (25.4/35.56cm)
    Cap Type: Made with NC500 lace
    Hair line, Hand-tied

    Cancer patient's wigs

    Berlin Sissy

    12/16” (30.48/40.64 cm)
    Cap Type: Made with NC500
    Lace, Hair line, wefted

    Male wigs

    Oliver 1 & 2

    Oliver 1, NC500 lace
    Size: 9.5” x 7.5” ( 24cm x 19cm)
    Hair Length: 6” (15cm)
    Oliver 2, Lace/PU
    Size: 8.5” x 7” (21.6cm x 17.8cm)
    Hair length: 6” (15cm)

    Wigs for men

    Oliver W

    Size: 23.5” circumference (60cm)
    Hair Length: 4” (10cm)

    Childrens Wigs

    Children's Wigs

    Amani Kids is especially designed for children to feel comfortable and secure through their daily activities.

    Obtain Your Custom Wig the Easy Way with CareCredit

    CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed to help you and your family cover your healthcare needs. You can use the card to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance. You also get access to a host of financing options not offered by other credit cards. A lot of hair loss patients are unaware that a wig used to hide hair loss falls under the medical device category. The medical term for wig is cranial prosthesis. Most health insurance plans at least partially pay for the cost of a custom designed cranial prosthesis. The rest can be covered by CareCredit.

    With CareCredit, you have the freedom of selecting between one of several convenient finance options, such as 6, 12, 18, and 24 months with no interest charged on purchases of $200 or more when you abide by the terms.


    Looking for a professional wig maker in Orange County?

    Are you looking for full or lace front wigs or maybe a top hair piece?

    Please visit our hair loss center to choose from our Amani Hair Collections, feeling fully confident that you’ll find the perfect solution for your individual needs. We are your best source for a broad range of expertly designed hair replacement solutions.

    If you prefer to have a custom made wig, we need to take your measurements and our hair loss experts will craft a one-of-a-kind human hair wig - exactly as you want.

      Real Hair Wigs and Clips

      Real Hair Wigs and Clips for Volume and Coverage!

      The Woman Is Wearing Clip-In Human Hair Extension

      "Wigs are Fun! - Europen Human Hair Wigs Makeover"

      The woman who wears a custom wig is doing Yoga.

      "Best Wigs in Los Angeles" - Yoga Instructor

      Customer Reviews

      “Dear Nazy and staff and Newport Hair Loss Center. I wanted to thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your time with me in helping me find the perfect human hair wig. You were understanding and patient and helped me understand what makes a good wig and how to make it last for a long time. I have a newfound confidence because of you and cannot thank you enough.


      Women Wigs Before-After

      “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you giving me the gift of my new hair. I have been going through a difficult time lately and my new human hair wig has given me so much confidence. I look forward to all the positive changes in the future that your wigs have allowed me to have. Your help and thoughtfulness have meant more to me than you could ever know. Thank you all so very much. ”

      CheriSan Juan Capistrano

      Wig With Human Hair Before-After

      “I wanted to help my mother find the most realistic looking wig. My mother and I were nervous because we didn’t think to find a natural looking wig, but Nazy calmed those nerves. She opened her heart to us as well as her process for creating her custom wigs. The end result was unparalleled. No one realized that my mother was wearing a wig.”


      Human Hair Wigs Before-After
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