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Our Natural-Looking Human Hair Wigs Will Make You Feel Like Yourself Again

Whether you are a man, a woman, or a kid, dealing with hair loss or hair thinning, can be a distressing and challenging experience. It takes a toll on your mental well-being. That is why alopecia, thyroid, and cancer patients need to improve the quality of their lives during this hard time with the help of human hair wigs.

Wearing wigs and hair toppers is not just about looking beautiful. They are not only a confidence-booster, but also protect your privacy in society. Besides, they provide the necessary protection and comfort for your sensitive scalp.

In our wig shops in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego, we have gathered together a team of accomplished wig makers to tailor the best custom European human hair wigs and toupees that feel comfortable on your head and blend in with your natural hair perfectly. It is even possible to make a wig from your own hair.

Our Amani hair wig collection also offers various hair systems, including high-quality men’s wigs and toupees, natural-looking hair wigs for women, wigs from real hair for kids, blonde wigs, brunette wigs, cancer wigs, etc. You can find any of them in various sizes, materials, colors, lengths, textures, and styles and customize them for a better fit and style.

Live a normal life and look natural, confident, and beautiful no matter what you do and where you go.

Custom Human Hair Wigs

For the most perfect fit, you should have a custom wig crafted for yourself. You can have your wig dyed in a color of your choice including blonde, light brown, dark, etc. There are custom wigs available to suit the specific needs of your scalp condition or complexity.

Hair Loss Patient Alopecia

Are you suffering from a sudden, patchy hair loss? This hair thinning and loss condition is called Alopecia areata. We offer real hair wigs to suit the specific needs of Alopecia patients. Cover your missing hair and start living your life with a new sense of style.

Hair loss in chemotherapy patient

Chemotherapy patients may suffer from hair loss. Don’t let cancer treatment such as these take away your self-confidence and style. Get our European Human hair wigs to cover your hair loss and enjoy your everyday life exactly as you did before.

Hair loss due to trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is one major reason for hair loss. This condition is commonly referred to as hair pulling disorder. We offer natural wigs to patients who have this complex issue. So get ready to restore your lost confidence and live the life the way you want.

Men hair loss

There are multiple causes for men’s hair loss. Whether it is due to male pattern baldness or other similar conditions, you don’t have to lose confidence or feel less important. Use our wigs for men to get back your vigor. Available in a range of masculine looks.

Women hair loss

Loss of hair can happen due to a multitude of reasons. We manufacture top-quality and comfortable wigs for women who are dealing with a hair loss problem. Our hair wigs are not just expertly crafted and stylish but they are also available in different lengths.

Custom human hair wigs for kids

A child experiencing hair loss doesn't have to be robbed of his or her childhood. We offer a variety of children’s wigs that can hide your child's hair loss while restoring his or her innocence and joy.

Hair loss in thyroid patient

Many thyroid conditions can cause thinning hair or hair loss. A human hair wig or hair topper can restore your appearance and confidence while giving you a look you can be proud of.

Make a Wig from Your Own Hair; Yes. It’s Possible!

Wondering where you can make wig from own hair? You are at the right place.

At our Hair Loss Centers in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego, we make your own wig with your hair. And, the result will be amazing.

Wigs from your own hair offer benefits you rarely get from ready-made wigs.

  • You and everybody else have always seen you with the texture and color of your natural hair. Now, wigs made from your own hair look exceptionally natural as you will get the same hair you have always had. This is especially a great option for those suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, etc.
  • A wig of own hair guarantees comfort and familiarity with the wig. This emotional connection with your own hair can boost your confidence and lift your spirit.
  • It is usually more affordable when you get a wig made from your own hair as you do not need to pay for high-quality human hair to make a custom wig.

How Can I Make a Wig with My Own Hair?

To make a wig out of your own hair, we need to have at least 8 ounces (almost 230 g) of hair with a minimum of 14 inches of length. This may seem like a lot of hair for those who are experiencing hair loss.

All in all, we know that each patient’s condition and experience is unique, therefore, we try our best to offer the individualized service and care they need.

But you have a few solutions to prevent this problem:

  • Many anticipate this before undergoing chemotherapy. So, they collect enough of their hair before they lose it.
  • You can use donated hair mixed with your own hair to reach the 8-ounce minimum.
  • It is also possible to mix your hair with donated hair from your friends and family members.

Please consult with our wig experts before cutting your hair for a wig of own hair.

Experienced Wig Makers Are Here to Answer Any Questions

With years of experience in making wigs for those who are losing hair due to medical conditions, we have become quite competent in producing high-quality medical wigs (cranial prostheses).

We are proud that our expertise can help people who are suffering from cancer, alopecia, thyroid hair loss, and trichotillomania restore and improve their body image.

Now, if you have questions about wearing wigs with real hair or you wish to try on 100% European human hair wigs, come by our wig store in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego, California for a friendly and private meeting and wig fitting with one of our compassionate experts.

Newport Hair Loss Center Is Much More Than a Wig Store

Although our main job at Newport Hair Loss Center is to craft quality custom wigs for men, women, and kids who are undergoing hair loss and hair thinning, our mission is beyond that.

Emotional Support

We are trying to provide a supportive and safe environment for customers to freely talk about their concerns and emotions. Our staff members understand the conditions and challenges our customers are going through, so they treat them with empathy and compassion for better emotional support.

Additionally, seeing other customers are going through the same experience with you helps you feel you are not alone in this journey.

Education and Instructions

Our wig experts are highly trained in what wig types, constructions, and materials are best for chemotherapy patients and other customers with medical conditions. They can educate customers about how to wear a wig properly to feel comfortable and protect their sensitive scalps.

In addition, our team provides simple but thorough instructions on cleaning, maintaining, and storing human hair wigs to extend their lifespan and ensure they remain in good shape for a long time. They also recommend suitable hair care products.

Wig Fitting, Wig Styling, and Wig Customization

If you do not know what wig size is right for you, a wig fitting session will help you select the right size and cap with the help of an experienced wig expert. Besides, wig wearers can count on us for wig styling and customization, such as cutting and trimming, to ensure the most natural look.

Wig Insurance and Financial Help

Medical wigs can be covered by insurance if you know how. So, one part of our job is to help our customers with wig insurance coverage and other financial aids, such as CareCredit (see below), that are accessible for chemo patients and others.

All in all, we know that each patient’s condition and experience is unique, therefore, we try our best to offer the individualized service and care they need.

Hair Loss Wigs Specialist in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County

Nazy Curtis

Hair Wig Specialist Nazy Curtis

CEO, Founder, and President

Trust, Care, & Confidence

Founded and headed by Nazy Curtis, Newport Hair Loss Center has carved its own niche in the domain of hair wigs. Our expertly manufactured wigs are available for a range of age groups. Being a cancer survivor herself, Ms. Nazy possesses a deep understanding of the distress and trauma that hair loss causes. Her continued efforts, over the last 30 years, to help people learn and understand and deal with their hair loss complexities is certainly commendable and exemplary.

Today, Nazy’s NHLC offers an extensive line of human hair products to meet the needs of anyone looking to add length and volume to their hair or achieve an entirely new look.

" I wear my own custom designed wig everyday.

Let Me Help You! "

Nazy Curtis

Order a Custom Human Hair Wig, Explore Our Extensive Wig Collections, and Consult with Accomplished Wig Makers in Southern California

Over the last three decades, Newport Hair Loss Center has been producing human hair wigs with unprecedented quality. We have changed the standards in the hair loss industry but still every day we try to craft wigs with higher quality, higher longevity, and more natural look. We never stop improving!

If you want to get on with your life more easily and return to normalcy, come and visit us at one of our main wig stores in Southern California in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego. Go through our extensive collections of hair pieces and wigs, order a custom wig, enjoy a free wig fitting and consultation with a wig expert, and more.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a better service.

Human Hair Topper for Hair Loss; Get the Best Women’s Hair Pieces in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego

While most people know about men’s toupees, only a few know about hair toppers for women. These hair pieces are like men’s toupees and only cover the crown area of their head to add more density to their natural hair or cover hair loss.

In addition, our team provides simple but thorough instructions on cleaning, maintaining, and storing human hair wigs to extend their lifespan and ensure they remain in good shape for a long time. They also recommend suitable hair care products.

These hair pieces for women are mostly used by those who are undergoing gradual hair loss, such as hair toppers for alopecia. Also, as ladies hair pieces are lighter and cooler than wigs, most women opt for hair toppers in warmer areas and during summer.

Plus, when hair thinning and hair loss happens in the crown area, it will look exceptionally natural to wear a human hair topper that blends with your own natural hair. Particularly, the lace topper is a great choice as it is crafted with a thin material that lays perfectly flat on your head, making it even more natural-looking.

At our Hair Loss Centers in Southern California, we offer high-quality human hair toppers for hair loss. These female hair toppers are made delicately and skillfully with the best European human hair.

Check out our top pieces products here to see a few pictures and videos of our experts introducing different types of female hair pieces and some of our patients who have tried Amani ladies hair toppers.

Choose Your Favorite
Custom Wig from Our

Short Brown Human Hair Wig


Crown: 6″ (15.25cm)
Sides: 5.25″ (13.33cm)
Back: 4″ (10.16cm)
Nape: 2.25″ (5.71cm)
Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable

Short Blond Human Hair Wig

Design 2-1

Crown: 8’’ (20.32cm)
Sides: 7.5’’ (19.05cm)
Back: 6’’ (15.24cm)
Nape: 3’’ (7.62cm)
Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

Shoulder Height Dark Brown Human Hair wig

Design 2

Crown: 11’’ (27.94cm)
Sides: 12’’ (30.48cm)
Back: 9.5’’ (24.13cm)
Nape: 8’’ (20.32cm)
Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

Medium Height Blond Human Hair Wig

Design 3

Crown: 12’’ (30.48cm)
Sides: 13’’ (33.02cm)
Back: 11’’ (27.94cm)
Nape: 10’’ (25.40cm)
Cap Type: : Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

Medium Height Brown Human Hair Wig

Design 4

Crown: 14’’ (35.56cm)
Sides: 14’’ (35.56cm)
Back: 13’’ (33.02cm)
Nape: 12’’ (30.48cm)
Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable, Closed Weft FH

Virgin Hair Wigs


16/23” ( 40.64/58.42cm)
Cap Type: Freehold

short human hair wig

Berlin Lily

4/6” ( 10.16/15.24 cm)
Cap Type: Made with NC500 lace
Hair line, hand-tied

Long human hair wig

Berlin Romy

10/14” (25.4/35.56cm)
Cap Type: Made with NC500 lace
Hair line, Hand-tied

Cancer patient's wigs

Berlin Sissy

12/16” (30.48/40.64 cm)
Cap Type: Made with NC500
Lace, Hair line, wefted

Male wigs

Oliver 2

Size: 8.5” x 7” (21.6cm x 17.8cm)
Hair length: 6” (15cm)

Childrens Wigs

Children's Wigs

Amani Kids is especially designed for children to feel comfortable and secure through their daily activities.

Looking For a Professional Wig Maker in Orange County?

Our team has been helping numerous clients choose the right natural hair wigs for their specific conditions and lifestyles. We offer high-quality real human hair wigs.

If you are unsure what kind of material, wig construction, style, color, size, etc., are suitable for you, you will get our experts’ honest opinions. You can also see our great collections of human hair lace front wigs, full lace human hair wigs, human hair extensions, human hair toppers, real hair wigs for women, men hair systems, and many more types of best human hair wigs.

We have also been helping alopecia and cancer patients (and others experiencing hair loss) in choosing a comfortable medical wig to make the process a little easier for them. Our human hair lace wigs make them feel like themselves again.

Have a Free Face-to-Face Consultation

At our Hair Loss Center, you can visit our highly experienced wig experts for a free consultation by appointment. You may even wonder if wearing a wig is for you or not. In this case, you will find the answer after a free 30-minute face-to-face consultation with an accomplished wig maker.

You just need to fill out this form or call us at your local Hair Loss office in Los Angeles, Newport Beach , and San Diego, to schedule a free consultation session.

    Newport Hair Loss Center Accepts CareCredit, a Credit Card for Your Healthcare Needs

    To purchase a wig more easily and get help with the financial burden of medical treatment expenses, hair loss patients can use the CareCredit program. This credit card offers some special financing options for healthcare services and you can pay out-pocket expenses that are not covered by your insurance.

    While wigs are usually considered an item of fashion, for hair loss patients they are a medical device to protect the sensitive scalp and hide the hair loss. These specialized wigs are mostly referred to as medical wigs or cranial prostheses.

    Cranial prostheses are covered partially by some insurance companies, and the rest can be paid by CareCredit. You can pay off interest-free in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months if the purchase is over $200.

    Real Hair Wigs and Clips

    Real Hair Wigs and Clips for Volume and Coverage!

    The Woman Is Wearing Clip-In Human Hair Extension

    "Wigs are Fun! - Europen Human Hair Wigs Makeover"

    The woman who wears a custom wig is doing Yoga.

    "Best Wigs in Los Angeles" - Yoga Instructor

    Customer Reviews

    “Dear Nazy and staff and Newport Hair Loss Center. I wanted to thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your time with me in helping me find the perfect human hair wig. You were understanding and patient and helped me understand what makes a good wig and how to make it last for a long time. I have a newfound confidence because of you and cannot thank you enough.


    Women Wigs Before-After

    “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you giving me the gift of my new hair. I have been going through a difficult time lately and my new human hair wig has given me so much confidence. I look forward to all the positive changes in the future that your wigs have allowed me to have. Your help and thoughtfulness have meant more to me than you could ever know. Thank you all so very much. ”

    CheriSan Juan Capistrano

    Wig With Human Hair Before-After

    “I wanted to help my mother find the most realistic looking wig. My mother and I were nervous because we didn’t think to find a natural looking wig, but Nazy calmed those nerves. She opened her heart to us as well as her process for creating her custom wigs. The end result was unparalleled. No one realized that my mother was wearing a wig.”


    Human Hair Wigs Before-After


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    Newport Hair Loss Center gives hair loss sufferers a way to restore their appearance and boost their confidence, whether they are suffering from trichotillomania, alopecia, or are currently going through chemotherapy.

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