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Newport Hair Loss Center (NHLC) is Southern California’s premier provider of custom wigs systems (cranial prosthesis) as well as natural hair wigs, volume pieces and hair extensions for alopecia, Trichotillomania and cancer patients and thinning hair loss and other medically related hair loss. Whether you are looking for a bold fashion accessory or addressing a medical need, or just wanting a human hair ponytail, NHLC is your solution. Each client’s unique characteristics like natural hairline, density, color and personal hairstyle are taken into account when recommending a product.

Fashion Hair Systems and Medical Cranial Prosthesis

Newport Hair Loss Center is a specialist in the highest quality custom made European human hair wigs. With locations in Hamburg Germany, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and Newport Beach, Newport Hair Loss Center offers the expertise of a full service salon with a relax, spacious and absolute private consultation room for privacy.

The non surgical hair replacement services available at Newport Hair Loss Center range from solutions for fingertip small hair loss to full wigs. Including, lace front wigs, partials, top pieces and extensions. We are the specialist in the industry to help women and children who are suffering from Cancer, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Scarring, Thinning Hair, Breast Cancer, Illnesses that cause hair loss and thinning hair.

NAZY CURTIS – Hair Loss Wigs Specialist in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County
Founder/Alopecia Sufferer/Breast Cancer Survivor

“I wear my own custom wig design everyday
– Let me help You!”
– Nazy Curtis


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My life has changed because of Nazy Curtis and her staff at Newport Hair Loss Center. I am going through breast cancer treatment and I knew I was going to lose my hair. I invested into one of Nazi’s real human hair wigs. I have not regretted it at all! I have received a lot of compliments and some people can’t even tell its a wig which is the biggest compliment. This is a very scary time of my life, but when I talked to Nazy during my wig fitting, I found out that she is also a breast cancer survivor. She gets it! She is the real deal. I am thinking of even buying another wig from her because she does such good work. I can’t say it enough-she made a really difficult time in my life so much easier. I feel confident and I feel good about my choice.

Stefanie M.
Lake Forest, CA
Losing hair due to chemo (or for any reason!) is never fun, but selecting a beautiful wig, thanks to Nazy and her staff, made my day wonderful! The consultation is held discreetly in a private room in the salon, and they make sure to find the perfect wig for you. I specifically wanted a human hair wig this time, as with my previous breast cancer battle I had a cheap synthetic wig, but I wasn’t working then, and I feel the extra expense is justified this time for my professional image. I am extremely happy with my new look, and while I could have special ordered and waited, they just kept finding additional custom human hair wigs to try and I walked out within a short time with the perfect color, cut and perfectly styled wig. Already I’ve received so many compliments, many from people who assume I just had a fantastic salon visit – won’t they be surprised when my hair looks this perfect every day! One less worry and stress eliminated during another round of chemo treatments. Thanks, Nazy, for making me look and feel great!

Cynthia H.
Orange, CA
I cannot thank Nazy Curtis and her wonderful staff at Newport Hair Loss Center enough for helping me celebrate what could have been a very difficult day. After my second chemotherapy treatment, my naturally red hair decided it was time for us to part ways. After consulting with Nazy about my options, I decided to purchase (actually, invest in – these aren’t your run-of-the-mill wigs) a beautiful, real human hair wig. Now, my hair color is red. Similar to the color of a shiny penny, really. This isn’t a color that can be found in a bottle. But the wig Nazy had for me was as perfect as can be. With champagne and my best friend along for the ride, we toasted a new chapter in my life. My first step to being a normal woman again! The wig is perfect and I couldn’t be happier. I’m truly touched by the kindness of the entire staff. Other wigs may be cheaper, but you DO get what you pay for. This wig is all ME. Thank you, wonderful ladies! (The first photo is my natural red, cut & styled by Nazy and the second photo is the new me!).

Kathleen F.
Aliso Viejo, California

“Best Wigs in Los Angeles” – Yoga Instructor

“Wigs are Fun!” – European Human Hair Wigs Makeover

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