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Professional Hair Loss Center
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego


Newport Hair Loss Center (NHLC) is Southern California’s premier provider of custom wigs systems (cranial prosthesis) as well as natural hair wigs, volume pieces and hair extensions. Whether you are looking for a bold fashion accessory or addressing a medical need, NHLC is your solution. Each client’s unique characteristics like natural hairline, density, color and personal hairstyle are taken into account when recommending a product. Your Amani hair can be brushed, cut, colored, curled and styled in any way you like.

Designed with the active lifestyle in mind, you can sleep, swim and participate in all your normal activities while wearing your Amani product. Utilizing a proprietary custom fitting process, we deliver the most technologically advanced, nearly undetectable close-up custom wigs and hair products to our clients.

We serve hair loss clients in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

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