Custom Human Hair Wigs:
for Women, Men and Kids
In Newport Beach

Hide your hair loss with a look you desire. If you could have any style, color, and length of hair, which would you select? At Newport Hair Loss Center, we give you full control over the appearance of your 100% human hair wig. Get locks that feel like the real thing and luxurious human hair that you can color and style to make your own. For a free and private consultation that could change your life drastically for the better, call us now and tell us about the human hair wig you have in mind.

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Short, long, blonde to dark natural looking hair wigs collection

Amani Hair Collection

Amani Hair Collection is the main collection with our most luxurious 100% unprocessed human hair.

Design 1

Crown: 6″ (15.25cm)

Sides: 5.25″ (13.33cm)

Back: 4″ (10.16cm)

Nape: 2.25″ (5.71cm)

Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable

Short Brown Human Hair Wig

Design 2-1

Crown: 8’’ (20.32cm)

Sides: 7.5’’ (19.05cm)

Back: 6’’ (15.24cm)

Nape: 3’’ (7.62cm)

Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

Short Blonde Human Hair Wig

Men Hair Wigs

Design 2

Crown: 12’’ (30.48cm)

Sides: 13’’ (33.02cm)

Back: 11’’ (27.94cm)

Nape: 10’’ (25.40cm)

Cap Type: : Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

Also available in

Design 3S: Crown 10’’ Sides 10’’ Back 9’’ Nape 8’’

Medium Height Blond Human Hair Wig

Design 3

Crown: 11’’ (27.94cm)

Sides: 12’’ (30.48cm)

Back: 9.5’’ (24.13cm)

Nape: 8’’ (20.32cm)

Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft Adjustable

Also available in

Design 2N: Crown 9-10’’ Sides 9’’ Back 7.5’’ Nape 6’’

Design 2M: Crown 10-11’’ Sides 10’’ Back 8.5’’ Nape 7’’

Medium Height Brown Human Hair Wig

Men Hair Wigs

Design 4

Crown: 14’’ (35.56cm)

Sides: 14’’ (35.56cm)

Back: 13’’ (33.02cm)

Nape: 12’’ (30.48cm)

Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable, Closed Weft FH

Also available in

Design 4-1: Crown 13’’ Sides 13’’ Back 12’’ Nape 11’’


16’’ Layered (40.64cm)

27’’ Overall (68.58cm)

Cap Type: Upon Consultation

Long Brown Human Hair Wig

Women real hair wig

Ready-to-Wear Collection

High-tech meets nature, pre-colored and cut South European Hair enables every woman to quickly find her perfect hairstyle.


14/19” ( 35.56/48/26cm)

Cap Type: Freehold

blonde wigs


16/23” ( 40.64/58.42cm)

Cap Type: Freehold

Human hair wig


Human hair wig

Berlin Collection

We invite you to our new modern Berlin Collection which is 100% unprocessed European layered human hair.


4/6” ( 10.16/15.24 cm)

Cap Type: Made with NC500 lace

Hair line, hand-tied

short hair wigs


10/14” (25.4/35.56cm)

Cap Type: Made with NC500 lace

Hair line, Hand-tied

brown wig


12/16” (30.48/40.64 cm)

Cap Type: Made with NC500

Lace, Hair line, wefted

cancer wigs

Men's wig

Oliver W

Size: 23.5” circumference (60cm)

Hair Length: 4” (10cm)

Men Hair Wigs

Oliver 1

NC500 lace

Size: 9.5” x 7.5” ( 24cm x 19cm)

Hair Length: 6” (15cm)

Oliver 2


Size: 8.5” x 7” (21.6cm x 17.8cm)

Hair length: 6” (15cm)

Men Hair Wigs

Children's wig

Amani Kids is the most beautiful and natural hair replacement for children with little or no hair of their own.

Children's wigs
Natural Children's Wigs


Men Hair Wigs Men Hair Wigs

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Get the 100% human hair wig you desire by completing the form on the right. Tell us the design and color of your ideal wig and send us a message if you prefer. We will be in touch to help you find a custom Amani human hair wig made just for you.