Amani Hair Collection

Design 1

6’’ Layered
11’’ Overall

Fringe 6’’
Top 6’’
Crown 6’’
Side 6’’
Nape 2’’

Cap Type: Open CapTM *

* Open CapTM : This cap is uniquely engineered for those with existing or growing hair. The open lining (slots within the cap) allow for additional space to support comfortable hair growth.

Design 2

8’’ Layered
13’’ Overall

Fringe 8’’
Top 8’’
Crown 8’’
Nape 8’’

Cap Type: Free HoldTM *

*Free HoldTM: Free of any glue, tape or clips, the Free Hold is ideal for bald scalps (complete hair loss) and provides superior hold for all life styles.

Design 3

10’’ Layered
15’’ Overall

Fringe 10’’
Top 10’’
Crown 10’’
Side 10’’
Nape 7’’

Cap Type: Kind CapTM*, Open CapTM and Free HoldTM*

*Kind CapTM : Designed with comfort in mind, the Kind Cap is constructed with soft gripping fabric that is gentle, breathable and very resilient. It is especially suitable for frontal hair loss but also a perfect option for fashion accessory hair systems as well.

Design 4

12’’ Layered
17’’ Overall

Fringe 12’’
Top 12’’
Crown 12’’
Side 12’’
Nape 7’’

Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Open CapTM

Luxus 1

20’’ Layered
27’’ Overall

Fringe 20’’
Top 20’’
Crown 20’’
Side 20’’
Nape 20’’

Cap Type: Upon Consultation

Luxus 2

13’’ Layered
18’’ Overall

Fringe 13’’
Top 13’’
Crown 13’’
Side 13’’
Nape 13’’

Cap Type: Upon Consultation


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