Also referred to as hair pulling disorder, trichotillomania is a hair loss condition which creates a long-term, compulsive urge to twist and pull out one’s hair. As a result of this condition, hair roots are damaged. Compared to men, women are four times more likely to suffer from this disorder. However, the scalp complexity equally affects the lives and lifestyles of both men and women.

Psychiatrists estimate that over four million Americans have this condition and the resulting hair loss can deliver quite a blow to a person’s self-confidence. If you experience this condition, you may find it difficult to socialize with family and friends or lead a normal lifestyle.

At Newport Hair Loss Center in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Diego, our pre-custom wigs can conceal hair loss caused by Trichotillomania for an enhanced appearance and greater quality of life.

Trichotillomania Hair Loss and Solution
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Trichotillomania Hair Loss

Since the urge to tug on your hair cannot be controlled in some individuals, Trichotillomania hair loss can become progressively worse over time. The hair loss may begin as slight thinning before entire patches of hair begin to go missing.

This type of hair loss can be temporary, as long as the need to compulsively pull on your hair is controlled. If the condition progresses long-term, the Trichotillomania hair loss can be permanent.

A 100% human hair wig that is tailor-made for your head size, natural hairline, and style preferences can hide your hair loss and restore you to full confidence.

Schedule a private consultation with one of our trained and compassionate wig specialists. During your initial meeting, you will learn more about the benefits of custom hair solutions.

20 Reasons Natural Looking Human Hair Wigs are Ideal for Hair Loss Sufferers.

Custom Wigs That Fit Just Right For Any Activity

Many people who visit Newport Hair Loss Center are concerned that their wigs will slip off at inopportune moments. For this reason, we take great care to custom-fit your wigs according to your head circumference and shape, the location of your natural hairline, and texture of your natural hair.

The end result is a 100% human hair wig that looks and feels like your real hair. Unlike store-bought wigs, your custom wig will fit comfortably, no matter how long you wear it. You won’t feel chafing or itchiness, and your wig will remain in place, no matter the occasion.

Custom Wigs Can Stop Trichotillomania Hair Loss From Negatively Affecting Your Life

If compulsive hair pulling has caused you to lose your hair, you don’t have to feel bad about your condition any longer.

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