Natural Human Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Los Angeles, Newport Beach And San Diego

Chemotherapy is a popular treatment of cancer and can lead to hair loss in many cases. During cancer treatment, it is important to keep your spirits up, and your self-esteem can be intrinsically tied to your sense of well-being.

When you lose your hair, partially or altogether, your confidence can take a hit, which can make cancer treatment extra grueling.

Chemo or Radiation Hair Loss
(Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County)

Hide Chemotherapy Hair Loss With 100% Human Hair Wigs

At Newport Hair Loss Center with three locations in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Diego, we offer ultra-realistic and comfortable custom wigs.

When you wear a wig that is tailor-made for your head size, personal style, and natural hairline, you’ll be able to conceal your chemotherapy hair loss with extreme confidence for any activity and occasion.

Our owner and CEO, Nazy Curtis, is a breast cancer survivor and alopecia sufferer. She has experienced the devastation of hair loss and the amazing results one can achieve with a custom-made human hair wig.

Schedule a private consultation with one of our trained and compassionate custom wig specialists. Chemotherapy is never easy, but a custom wig may be just what you need to feel self-assured during this emotional time.

What Causes Chemotherapy Hair Loss?

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that attack fast-replicating cells, hair root cells included. Patients undergoing chemotherapy commonly experience hair loss on their scalp. However, the hair loss can effect other areas of the body as well, such as eyelashes, pubic hair, leg hair, and facial hair.

While the hair will typically grow back after cancer treatment is completed, an acceptable level of hair regrowth can take time. A custom wig can help you boost your appearance and self-esteem, no matter which stage of growth your hair happens to be in.

Premium Human Hair Wigs For A Healthy & Beautiful Appearance

Some chemo patients prefer to keep their treatment to themselves, which becomes difficult when chemotherapy leads to full hair loss.

A human hair wig can be created to match your natural hairline and hair texture. These types of custom wigs, once worn, allow you to conceal your hair loss and chemotherapy treatment.

The Magic Of Hair Extensions And Wigs For Cancer Patients For Restoring Dignity, Self-Esteem & Beauty.

Ultra-Realistic Wigs In A Wide Variety Of Hair Textures, Styles & Colors

Each of our wigs is meticulously handmade so that each strand looks and feels as though it’s coming from your scalp. The softest materials are used as the base of the wig for supreme comfort.

Unlike store-bought wigs, custom human hair wigs such as our Freehold won’t slide around, scratch or chafe. You can wear your wig while running, swimming, and even skydiving without worrying about itchiness and slippage.

With minimal care requirements and the ability to retain its lavish beauty for up to a full year of constant use, your custom human hair wig will allow you to look and feel your best while your cancer treatment is ongoing.

20 Reasons Natural Looking Human Hair Wigs are Ideal for Hair Loss Sufferers.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss Got You Down? Schedule Today & Get Your Groove Back

During your cancer treatment, you deserve to look and feel as healthy and confident as everyone else. When chemotherapy has taken your hair, get back your confidence and take on any look you want.

Your ideal custom wig is only a confidential consultation away. Call now to book your time with one of our caring wig experts.