Men Wigs, Toupees & Hair Pieces In Newport Beach

While some men can perfectly pull off the male pattern baldness, other men feel a full head of hair would make them feel younger and more virile. Men wigs can be a solution.

An estimated $4 billion is annually spent on different types of treatment to prevent or cure hair loss in men. Most of these hair loss cases arise due to genetic disorders. Age also plays a part, with around 70% of men set to experience hair loss at some point in their lives. For other men, hormone changes are to blame.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our trained and compassionate male wigs specialists to get fitted for a men hair replacement that gives you the confidence to live life on your terms.

Amani Wigs – Men’s Hair Loss
(Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County)

Men’s Wig Consultation In a Private and Caring Environment

Newport Hair Loss Center welcomes you to any of its three key locations including Los Angeles, Newport Beach and San Diego. We offer top quality, hand-crafted men wigs as well as hairpieces that are known for their wonderful natural appearance.

We can custom-fit you for a hairpiece or men wig that looks natural and fits within your budget.

Our consultation is private, our men human hair wigs fit snugly and comfortably, and you can always ensure quality and beauty from strand-to-strand.

Our unique designs are comprised of the finest human hair and are hand-crafted with quality materials and proprietary manufacturing techniques.

The result is a natural and long-lasting men’s hair loss replacement that is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

20 Reasons Natural Looking Human Hair Wigs for men are Ideal for Hair Loss Sufferers.

Male Wigs For A Variety Of Thinning Hair Men Causes

We understand how frustrating it is to continuously witness the loss of your natural hair.

Whether you have alopecia, hair loss associated with chemotherapy, or your hair loss is pharmaceutically or stress-based, help is available.

With our thinning hair men solutions, you no longer have to worry about covering your head with ball-caps or wishing you still had a full head of hair.

Schedule an initial consultation so that we can provide you with a free hair and scalp analysis.

This assessment will allow us to custom-design a non-surgical hair replacement in our private and caring environment.

When your hair replacement piece is manufactured according to your exact measurements and specifications, you can remain confident that your hairpiece will remain in place looking terrific, no matter which activities you engage in.

Simple Maintenance & Extended Life For Today’s Active Man

From hunting and fishing to martial arts and day-to-day office work, your men’s hair loss solution is sure to boost your quality of life, appearance, and confidence.

Since each of our custom hairpieces and realistic men wigs is made of 100% human hair, a simple and occasional shampoo will work to keep your hairpiece durable and presentable.

As long as you care for your wig properly, you should expect your wig to last up to a full year or more.

Schedule today and see how much wearing a men’s hairpiece or male wig real hair can positively benefit your quality of life.