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Custom Made Human Hair Wigs (and ponytails) for Cancer Patients and Those with Hair Loss

Custom-made wigs are almost indistinguishable from natural hair. Newport Hair Loss Center is a premium provider of High-Quality Custom Human Hair Wigs in Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, and Hamburg Germany.


Style – High Quality Custom Made Wigs & Custom Lace Wigs

A custom made wig or custom lace wigs should fit you as well as a taylor-made dress or suit, made just for you: We measure the head Circumference and pay special attention to the hair line and the nape of your neck (the area, where the back of your neck bends and the skin folds), ears and sideburns, so the later hair system fits without itching, rubbing or being too tight.

For us, a good consultation is the key to the perfect hair system and a happy customer: The new hair of the highest quality is specially ordered in the length and color of your taste, most frequently to match the original hair. At the fitting consultation, we cut, style and trim your new hair. It will look most natural and beautiful!

Even if you’re staying with the cut you currently have, try a slightly shorter wig. During treatment, many women lose weight and become slightly drawn. A shorter style can add fullness. Plus, short wigs have less hair to brush out at night and don’t tangle as easily.


Color – High Quality Custom Human Hair Wigs

Whether you’re matching your own hair color or thinking about something different, try going a shade lighter. It will help offset skin tone changes that may occur during treatment. Always wanted to be a redhead? Go ahead, but stay close to your natural shade or lighter. Make sure you get the color you want. Look at the wig outside in natural light. Look at the quality of color as much as depth. There’s more to brown than light, medium and dark; check out the highlights, low lights and underlying tones too.

After years buying traditional hair pieces, which are designed by wig manufacturers, which fortunately do not have to wear them every day and after years being frustrated by missing pieces in the puzzle of a good quality wig, we decided to use my expertise as an alopecia sufferer and a hairdresser to create the final product myself: Our base cap is very light and breathable and perfectly fitted on the sensitive scalp.

The quality of the hair on each wig has been and will be tested by myself. We are the manufacturer and Nazy wears my own product every day. Our business will be meaningless, if your comfort and satisfaction wouldn’t be close to our hearts.

 To give our clients the attention they deserve, our services are available by appointments only. (Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego)

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