Best Human Hair Wigs & Toupee For Thyroid Hair Loss in Newport Beach

Thyroid hair loss can cause you to lose your hair faster than normal. The Academy of Dermatology estimates that half the population experiences thinning hair by forty. Thyroid conditions can advance your hair loss, leading to clogged drains in the shower, frustration at the loss of your natural hair, and diminished self-esteem.

At Newport Hair Loss Center with three locations in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Diego, we offer 100% human hair wigs. Schedule a private consultation with one of our trained and compassionate wig Experts. With a proper fitting and taking into account your personal preferences, we can provide you with a custom wig that fits snugly, completes your look, and suits your budget.

Custom Lace Wigs & Custom Made
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Conceal Thyroid Hair Loss & Restore Your Confidence with Custom Wigs

Every aspect of your body is designed for optimal thyroid function. When your thyroid malfunctions, it puts your body under stress. Your body then directs energy to your thyroid, which takes away from cells that rely on that organ, such as fast-replicating hair cells. When your hair cells don’t grow as quickly as they should, hair thinning results.

At Newport Hair Loss Center, our goal is to provide you with a wig that fits snugly for ultimate comfort and style. The process begins with a confidential consultation with one of our wig specialists. This initial meeting is designed to teach you more about the benefits of wearing high-quality human hair wigs for the concealment of thyroid hair loss.

Every aspect of the wig will be considered, from the circumference of your head and location of your natural hairline to your personal style preferences. The end result is a wig that won’t slip or chafe and one that completes your look for any activity and occasion.

20 Reasons Natural Looking Human Hair Wigs are Ideal for Hair Loss Sufferers.

Get A Custom Human Hair Wig And Stop Letting Thyroid Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Affect Your Life

If you find yourself hiding away from family and friends due to your hair loss and thyroid hair thinning, call Newport Hair Loss Center for a free consultation. We keep your information private and offer an initial meeting in an expansive conference room. You will learn more about the custom wig process and can get fitted for your own wig to suit your style, taste, and budget.

Schedule a consultation today and live life on your terms with a beautiful wig for hair thinning that conceals your thyroid hair loss for more confidence and to simply get more out of life.