Custom Hunan hair wigs, lace wigs and hair extensions in San Diego

Losing your natural hair can lead to social anxiety and low self-esteem. Whether you suffer from a medical condition or your hair thinning or hair loss is the result of stress, genetics or age, Newport Hair Loss Center offers three locations in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Diego to assist you.

Our custom-designed hairpieces and wigs are hand-manufactured from 100% European human hair for ultra-realism, beauty, and durability. Schedule an Appointment with one of our trained and compassionate hair loss solution specialists to get fitted for a custom-made hairpiece or wig you can be proud to wear.

Medical Hair Pieces and Wigs for Ultra-Realism & Comfort

Alopecia Hair Loss

This is a blanket term for a variety of ailments that lead to hair thinning and hair loss, some of them genetic. A hair extension or custom wig can restore your hair and confidence.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss

A custom wig designed for maximum fit and comfort can help to improve your mood and lifestyle while undergoing cancer treatment.

Trichotillomania Hair Loss

The compulsive urge to pull your hair can lead to unfortunate hair thinning and hair loss. A custom hairpiece or wig is easy to maintain and can be worn for any occasion.

Women’s Hair Loss

Look and feel beautiful once more with a custom-fitted wig that will give you the color, length, texture, and style you desire.

Men’s Hair Loss

Feel younger and more virile with precision-designed hairpieces designed for today’s modern and active man in mind.

Thyroid Hair Loss

Thyroid disease can wreak havoc on your entire body, but especially your hair. Get custom wigs that can conceal thyroid hair loss for boosted life quality and self-esteem.

Kid’s Hair Loss Services

Some children, unfortunately, have to deal with hair loss, whether due to alopecia, Trichotillomania, chemotherapy or another reason, but a custom-fitted hairpiece or wig can help.