Sports Wig, Free Hold Design


Participating in sports or any type of activity outdoors can cause a bit of anxiety if you are wearing a wig. Having a comfortable and secure wig is essential for an active lifestyle.

Newport Hair Loss Center’s Free Hold Wig is perfect for a person that is constantly on the go. Our Free Hold wig is designed with the finest European Hair – forget glue, tape, scarves, and hats next time you want to play sports or be outdoors with your friends and family!



Active Lifestyle Sports Wig


Newport Hair Loss Center, active lifestyle sport wigs are perfect for any high-intensity activity like swimming, yoga, tennis, Pilates, or just a normal day in the gym.

Our freehold cap was designed to be both comfortable and secure. Made from the finest European hair, you can wear our wigs for swimming, during a windy day, or go for a swim. These custom made sport wigs are the standard for amateur and professional athletes!



  • Lina Boulos says:

    My daughter has alopecia. She has partial hair loss and does not want to shave. She wears wigs too. She plays tennis and we need to have a good grip-sports wig in a ponytail style with a band. We live in Los Angeles area. How does the wig stay in place?

    • Newport Hair Loss Center says:

      Dear Lina, Thank you for your interest in our company and our sports human hair wigs. Please provide us with your phone number that we can call you back.

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