Start Juicing!


Juicing has been a fad that has been in and out of mainstream media for a while. I remember in the early nineties my Mom decided it was time for us to start juicing. I was used to random hippie craze changes to my diet (i.e. liquid garlic drops, no milk, no cheese, greens) and I remember being open to this new way of eating. I was nine years old and loved juice! I loved pineapple juice, coconut juice, orange juice, etc., but when my Mom started to bust out lbs. of carrots and kale, I grew suspicious. After a good half, an hour of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­pressing raw vegetables into a juicing machine the health elixir was ready. It looked more like mud than juice. I tentatively grabbed the glass and took a sip. To be frank, it tasted horrible and I vowed never to touch that elixir again.

Now as a more health conscious adult I find myself circling back to the health fads that my hippie Mom “imposed” on me. Juicing has several benefits and provides essential nutrients and vitamins that we are lacking in our normal diets. Our bodies were designed to eat on a wide omnivorous spectrum, but there needs to be balanced to process both meat and vegetable properly in our digestive track. If you honestly look at your day to day diet what is missing the most? You got it, fruits and vegetables! It’s hard to eat the daily recommended dose as well. Who has time to chop up and eat all those different vegetables? This is where juicing comes in handy.


Fresh pressed juice is filled with natural, vitamins, living enzymes, mineral, and antioxidants which are great for your health. You can’t just choose to juice sugary fruits or just eat a ton of avocados, you’re going to need to get a little raw. Incorporate a variety of vegetables into your juice like kale, garlic, cucumber, celery, coconut oil, etc. Get creative, but make sure there’s a variety. Unfortunately, if your juice tastes raw and earth-like, it most likely means you’re juicing correctly.


Benefits of Juicing

1. It allows more nutrients to be absorbed because your gut doesn’t need to digest all that fiber

2. It allows you to consume a wider range of vegetables which allows your body to get more nutrients3. It feeds good bacteria to the gut

4. It helps maintain health and prevent/fight cancer

5. It helps lower high cholesterol

6. It helps detoxify our bodies

7. It helps lower blood sugar levels

8. It helps us get better skin

9. Improves Athletic Performance