5 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage During Fall and Winter



The morning chill of fall is in the air. While we’re still having hot days the seasons are changing and you should make sure that you’re taking the correct steps to care for your hair or human hair wig during fall and winter.

You most likely wear a hat to keep your hair away from rain and the snow; however, that can cause your hair to mat up and give you a nice case of hat hair. Protect your hair by wrapping it in a silk scarf before putting on a stylish hat or beanie.

Make sure to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week. The cold winter air and heated rooms suck the moisture out of your hair and skin. Amani Hair carries a great line of conditioners found here. Also, make sure to regularly moisturize your face and body.

Cut down on washing your hair. Keep it to two to three times a week. This will help your hair retain the natural oils and keep it from drying out. Always make sure to fully dry your hair before leaving the house. The combination of cold air and moisture will damage your hair.

Visit your stylist on a regular basis! Every six to eight weeks make sure to pop in for a trim to keep those split ends in check!

This may seem like a stretch, but purchasing a humidifier for your room will help keep protect your hair. Having the house constantly heated takes the moisture out of the air and the humidifier balances that out. They may not look too great, but it will keep your hair and skin from drying out.

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