Healthy Hair & Skin – The best Nutrients


Wanting to look your best is a natural tendency. Having a beautiful body with glowing skin and hair to match are considered signs of health and attractiveness. The average woman will spend around $15,000 dollars in their lifetime on cosmetics alone. While beauty cosmetics are a helpful addition you there is no substitute for all natural beauty. In addition to daily exercise and a healthy diet, there are vitamins that will help your skin, hair, and nails look naturally beautiful.

You should be incorporating these vitamins and foods to keep your hair and skin looking beautiful.

Protein is king! You need amino acids to produce keratin which makes up the cellular structure of your hair and nails. You get your amino acids from protein. Consuming foods like fish, red meat and grain are the most efficient way to get a nice dose of protein. If you can make sure to buy grass-fed meat and organic vegetables. Your body doesn’t need extra toxins from factory farmed meat and produce.

Zinc helps your body maintain healthy and strong cell division. In nature, symmetry is the equivalent to strength and health.

Calcium supports strong bones, teeth, and hair. It is a fundamental nutrient for the body. Make sure to drink your milk!

Magnesium is a helpful mineral that is used by almost all systems in the body. Most people suffer from a lack of magnesium and don’t know. Also known to aid in stress relief, magnesium can also help fight against hair loss.

Biotin which is also called vitamin H will help to keep a healthy head of hair. Many doctors will prescribe Biotin to people living with Alopecia.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are good for you in proportion. Healthy fats from avocados, coconut oil, salmon, etc. are great for the overall maintenance of a healthy body.

Taking care of your body is a full-time job in itself; however, the trick is to turn it into a lifestyle. Don’t view diet your exercises and eating habits as a task that must be completed, but as a way of life!

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