Full Lace Human Hair Wigs Guide Full Lace Human Hair Wigs Guide

The Definitive Guide to Full Lace Human Hair Wigs


People wear wigs for a variety of reasons. Whether a man, woman or kid, hair wigs offer an ideal way for everyone to deal with hair loss problems as well as transform their existing hairstyle in minutes.

The world of hair wigs is a diverse one. If you have tried lace wigs before or you are just planning to get one soon, you should definitely try to broaden your knowledge in this regard. In this article, we are going to discuss full lace human hair wigs, how they are constructed, their pros and cons and how these wigs are different from other wigs. This full lace wig guide is aimed at educating you, so that you know how these human hair wigs can help you make a well-informed decision and restore the glory of your life if you have lost your own hair partially or completely.

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What is a Full Lace Human Hair Wig?

This type of wig is crafted using a lace base. A full lace human hair wig is so called because it has a lace base which covers the entire head, as opposed to a lace frontal. Expert wig makers make this wig from a whole lace cap. 100% human hair is sewn into the lace base to create the wig. The knitting procedure is done with the hand, in a skillful manner to achieve a natural look.

If you are a new user, you may find wearing a full lace wig a little complex. But that is why there are hair loss experts. At the Newport Hair Loss Center with three locations in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles, you will get all the help and support to make it easy for you.


How are Full Lace Human Hair Wigs Constructed?

It takes great skill and effort to manufacture full lace wigs. First, wig makers create the lace base using the finest quality of lace material. The lace base is crafted as per the average size of the human head.

If head measurements are taken in advance, the wig maker will construct the lace base exactly in a way that fits your scalp area accurately. Custom full lace wigs are in high demand because they offer the maximum level of ease and comfort.

Once the lace base is ready, the expert then starts knitting strands of 100% Virgin human hair into the lace. Here, the maker has to meticulously work so as to sew the hair to create a highly realistic look. All the hair is knitted so well, that you can part them from anywhere in the front when you wear it. It is extremely difficult for anyone to tell whether you have this wig on or it is your own hair.

Full lace human hair wigs are costlier than other hair wigs because of the quality of lace material used in the process and the knitting done with hands. If you like to vary the style of your hair, this type of wig is the best one to use. The whole head lace base allows you to give the hair various attractive styles such as pony-ups, up-do, braids, etc. The best part is that, no matter what style you create, the lace material does never get exposed, and the wig looks incredibly natural.


Pros and Cons of Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

To help you make the right decision and for your understanding, given below are some of the pros and cons of a full lace wig.



  • Versatile: In terms of hairstyling options, the full lace wig leaves all other human hair wigs far behind. Versatility is one of the big reasons why a large number of people go for this type of lace wigs. For example, if you desire to mid-part the hair, you can do it all along the front hairline, right to the nape. There are multiple attractive ways in which you can style full lace hair wigs.


  • Light: Due to the best quality of lace material it uses, a full lace wig will hardly make you feel that you have it on your head. There are other low quality wigs that will make you feel as if you have a log on your head. Full lace wigs, however, are so light in weight that you will not feel you are wearing one – even though you have a lace base which covers your entire head area.


  • Breathable: When choosing a hair wig, the main concern for all men, women and kids is how comfortable it will be to wear. The full lace wig is constructed and designed to help your scalp breathe. When the scalp is able to fully breathe, you will not just feel great comfort, but your natural hair will also re-grow without any kind of interruption. With this hair wig, you will not have issues such as sweaty or itchy scalp. You will stay cool, no matter how long you wear the wig.


  • Natural: When a man or woman decides to wear a hair wig, they want it to look natural in the first place. A full lace wig looks “super natural.” This means you can be fully confident that no one will notice it.



The only downside of a full lace wig is that they are more expensive than most human hair wigs you will find at a wig store.


Full Lace Wigs for Women, Men and Kids

Hair loss is not limited to a particular age group. Different types of hair loss issues can affect adults or kids at any age.

Whether you have lost your natural hair due to a scalp complexity, genetic disorder or the side-effect of chemo or other medication, full lace wigs offer the most ideal solution to a range of hair loss problems.

Full lace wigs allow you to achieve a wide range of natural looks. You will find a hair wig to match almost every hair color, skin tone, length and texture. At the Newport Hair Loss Center, we offer you a range of top quality, well-crafted and the most natural-looking full lace human hair wigs. Made from 100% European human hair, these wigs can be colored and styled to suit the individual needs of a woman or man. In short, full lace human hair wigs will bring back the joy that your hair loss or hair thinning due to alopecia, trichotillomania, or cancer medication has taken away.


At our three locations in Newport Beach, San Diego and LA, you will get to choose from a stylish collection of short, long, blonde, dark and other types of full lace wigs. Here is a quick look at some of the ready-to-wear full lace human hair wigs available at our store.


AVA: This 14/19 inches hair wig is available in a number of colors. The lace cap used in this wig is Freehold, which is made from the best quality of lace to provide you with the highest amount of comfort.


Full lace human hair wigs



Lea: This special full lace wig measures 16/23 inches. The lace material uses the Freehold technology. These blonde full lace wigs are quite popular with various age groups of women.


Full lace wig



Franka: For people with a white skin tone, this full lace wig is a great choice. The use of innovative techniques makes this wig highly comfortable and creates a look that is one of the most natural you will ever find.


Best full lace wigs



All these wigs have been crafted by experts using the most advanced methods and the best quality of the material. They are made from South European Hair, pre-colored and cut so that you can wear them without waiting. Our wig store features several other products including Amani Hair Collection, Berlin Collection and Luxus as well as a variety of high quality children’s hair wigs.


How to Apply a Full Lace Wig

To wear a full lace wig, you should prepare your natural hair in a proper manner. First of all, you should clean your scalp with shampoo and conditioner to make the entire area oil-free. Next, you need to braid your hair. If you have short hair, preparation will not take too much time. For people with long hair, braiding should be done for the proper setting of the hair wig. Based on the thickness of your hair, you will need to braid all your hair in 2-4 sections, from the front to the back.

After your natural hair is secure and ready, it is time to put on the wig cap. The wig cap (close to your skin tone), needs to be placed all across the scalp area in a proper manner, making sure the edges are well-aligned with the hairline. Secure placement of the wig cap is essential.

You don’t want your natural hair to stick out. That is why the wig cap needs proper and secure placement. This also ensures that the wig rests in the correct position, so that the front and back of the wig align perfectly with the front and back portions of your head. The middle of the full lace wig aligns with the middle section of the head. After some adjusting, the wig will be an ideal fit. If this is the first time you are going to wear a full lace wig, you should seek the help of a professional to apply the wig on your head in the correct and accurate way. Once you know how to place the wig using wig clips, you can do it on your own next time.


Do You Have More Questions about Full Lace Wigs?

For further details on full lace wigs or to get a European human hair wig in your favorite color and style, head straight to the Newport Hair Loss Center, located in Newport Beach, San Diego and Los Angeles.

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