6 Tips and Techniques to Have Natural Looking Wigs 6 Tips and Techniques to Have Natural Looking Wigs

6 Tips and Techniques to Have Natural-Looking Wigs

Most wig wearers prefer to have natural-looking wigs that others do not notice easily. Of course, one of the most important factors is the material of the fibers. For example, human hair wigs look much more natural and realistic than synthetic wigs. However, this is not all. The construction, design, and style of the hair system as well as how you wear it contribute a lot to how it looks on your head.
In what follows, we will go over all these contributing factors to wearing more natural looking wigs, with a special part for synthetic wig wearers.

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How to Make a Wig Look Natural on You

Wearing a hair system for beginners can be a challenge but after a few tries and getting tips and advice from wig experts, it will get easier. However, just fixing the wig or the toupee firmly on your head does not mean it will look its best.
Even if you are using synthetic wigs, you should consider the tips below to make your wig appear more natural and realistic.

1. What Type of Wig Construction Looks More Natural?

As you may already know, wigs, whether synthetic or natural human hair, come in different constructions, such as lace front wigs, monofilament wigs, wefted wigs, and hand-tied wigs. Among these different wig types, lace front wigs with monofilament caps offer the best construction for those seeking a realistic hairpiece.

Why the Lace Front Construction Offers More Natural-Looking Wigs?

Lace front wigs look realistic because the strands of hair are tied one by one to an invisible sheer lace in the front of the hairpiece. They are most often hand-tied, which makes them even more natural looking. These features create a hairline for the wig, like your own natural hairline.
In addition, due to its invisible base, you can part your hair from wherever you wish. This means you have more options for styling your hair, which gives your hair system a more realistic appearance.
Another important factor is that, as the hair strands are woven one by one, they move more naturally and freely.
Therefore, regardless of the hair material, if you wish your hair system to look more like real hair, you should opt for lace front wigs with monofilament caps, because of their front hairline, natural hair movement, and various parting options for different styles.
Now, if you choose human hair lace front wigs, they will be incredibly natural-looking. They will also feel natural when you touch them.

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2. Line Up Your Wig Properly

No matter how expensive and realistic your wig is, if you do not wear it on your head properly, it will not look good and natural.
The best way to position the wig in the right place is to align it with your hairline. To do so, you should first put it on the forehead and then little by little move it up to reach your natural hairline. Then, line it up exactly with your hairline and fix it firmly on your head.
If your natural hairline is not visible now, try to position your wig approximately where it used to be your hairline.

3. Don’t Forget Baby hairs

After fixing the wig on your head, it is time to make it more realistic. You have noticed the baby hairs and wisps of your real hair for sure. Now, you should create some wisps and baby hair for your wig as well.
You can trim it yourself, or ask a professional wig expert or hairdresser to do it for you. Just make sure you do not overdo it.

4. Part Your Hair Right

As mentioned above, lace front wigs give you the option of parting your hair in any way that you want. Although the sheer lace looks very much like your own scalp, still a side parting makes your wig more realistic as it is less visible.
In case you want to choose a wig with a fixed parting, opt for a side parting as well. You can also use a little concealer on the part to make it more natural.

5. Styles and Colors for Natural Looking Wigs

Many wig wearers use wigs to experiment with new looks, such as having bright pink hair, and they do not mind when others notice their wigs. However, others prefer more natural-looking wigs that are closer to their own real hairstyle. That is why, choosing the color and style is important in making a wig look more realistic.
If you do not want others to pay too much attention to your hair system, you should go with colors that are closer to your natural hair color or the colors you usually dye your hair with. However, trying a color you have never had can add some variety. Just choose from the more regular and commonly-used color shades.
Aside from these natural hair colors, some styles make your wig look more natural. For example, as an unnatural hairline can be a weak spot for wigs, choosing wigs with a fringe can solve this problem to a great extent. It is also a good style who do not want to spend time aligning their wigs right.
One benefit of natural human hair wigs is that you can dye them and style them like your own hair. This is an incredible option for those who get tired of the same look every day.

6. Maintain Your Wig Properly

A fine wig that looks amazingly natural on you can get worse every time you wear it if you do not maintain it properly. Whether it is a synthetic wig or a real human hairpiece, you need to follow some tips and techniques when you want to wash it, style it, store it, and even remove it. Read this article for a complete guide on how to maintain your wig.
Washing your wig properly after a few times contributes a lot to its natural look. Also, the hair care products used on your wig can affect its appearance. Therefore, you must be careful about the shampoos, conditioners, and other products you use.

See some of our recommended hair care products to use on natural hair here.

To put it in a nutshell, for a more natural-looking wig you must start before purchasing one. Decide the right wig construction and material, as well as the color and style. Then, make sure you wear it the right way and maintain it properly.

How to Make Synthetic Wigs More Realistic?

As synthetic wigs are made of artificial materials, naturally they do not look as realistic as human hair wigs. However, they have some benefits, such as affordability and style memory (They are usually pre-styled and you do not need to style them every time, even after a wash.). Therefore, still, many wig wearers choose synthetic wigs.
If you want your synthetic hair wig to look more natural, you should follow the above-mentioned tips as well as the advice below.

Minimize the Shine of Synthetic Wigs

One of the problems of synthetic hair that gives it away you are wearing a wig is too much shine. Due to its artificial material, synthetic hair appears too shiny. If it bothers you, you can reduce its shine by

  • rubbing some dry shampoo on the hair (just do not use too much of it),
  • tapping some talcum powder on the hair and rubbing it until it disappears.

Do it gently and make sure you are not damaging the wig.

Style Your Synthetic Hair Wig Yourself

Although one of the attractions of synthetic wigs is their style memory, some of them look unrealistic because the style is too perfect and it remains the same all the time. So, to have a more natural-looking synthetic wig, you can try to style it yourself.
However, synthetic hair wigs are sensitive to heat. This means you cannot use hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, and other devices that use heat to style hair. Instead, you can use gel sprays and other hair products that are specially made for wigs.
Moreover, when you want to style your wig, do it when it is on your head not on a wig stand. It will look more natural.

Use Hair Accessories on Your Hairpiece

Hair accessories, such as clips or headbands even scarves, not only add variety to your hairstyle but also draw attention away from the wig to itself. This is an easy and beautiful way to make your wig less noticeable. Just you need to be careful with your wig and try not to damage the roots and the base, especially when using hair clips.
To sum it up, when your wig looks too perfect it is less realistic and natural. Even with European hair wigs, which are the highest quality human hair wigs, you should trim them and style them to make them look a little messy. For example, adding some baby hairs or a loose updo would create the desired effect.

Get a Free Consultation to Learn More about Choosing and Wearing Wigs

We have reviewed the tips and techniques you should consider to have more natural-looking wigs. When you are buying a wig, usually a wig expert explains how you should wear and remove it, how to wash and store it, and more. Following their advice will help your wig’s durability and quality.
At our Hair Loss Center’s free 30-minute consultation, even before buying one, you will get to know about

  • different types of wigs and their pros and cons,
  • what is a suitable wig for you considering your lifestyle and health condition,
  • how to wear and remove wigs properly to reduce damage and maximize the durability, quality, and natural look,

and any other questions you might have regarding wigs and their maintenance. You can also see our human hair wig collections for women, men, and kids.
To schedule a free consultation session, call our offices in Los Angeles (310-991-0087), Newport Beach (949-322-9555), and San Diego (949-640-4247). Our highly-experienced wig experts are looking forward to helping you.


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