The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga originated in ancient India as a spiritual practice and there are a plethora of different styles and benefits. Yoga has been practiced in Western culture for some time now and there is a reason why.

Despite the spiritual and meditative benefits, Yoga has been found to significantly improve health. While it may seem like a fad for the young and hip science continues to legitimize Yoga as a form of medicine for the mind and the body.

At first glance it may seem like spiritual mumbo jumbo with weird stretching and chanting with forms emphasizing certain belief systems; however, no matter your philosophy keeping an open mind to the teachings is something to be considered.

While instructors may throw around flowery terms like energy, peace, healing the world, karma, and chakras it’s important to realize like all practices (physical and mental) that follow-through is critical.

You won’t be balancing on your head, levitating or combating the environmental crisis with your mind after a few sessions, but you probably will feel a little better.


Relax With Yoga!

The fundamental teaching, focus on the present by controlling your breathing. Through a variety of techniques and poses, you can help your body and mind to find balance and equilibrium.

  • Strength, Agility, and Flexibility are all Increased
  • Enhances Memory & Cognitive Functioning.
  • Body Weight Normalizes – More Health Benefits
  • Naturally Reduces Pain
  • Respiratory Efficiency Increases
  • Blood Pressure is Normalized
  • Mental Health is Greatly Enhanced


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