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Traveling with Wigs: Packing, Airport Regulations, and Tips

Traveling with wigs can be a source of worry for wig enthusiasts, medical wig wearers, and performers who wish to take their wig (or wear it) on a trip. However, there are some considerations you should take into account to ensure that you’ll enjoy your vacation without losing your precious hairpiece.

From packing your hair system properly to airport regulations and wig care while traveling, our experts are telling you everything you should know in this article.

For sure keeping your beautiful wig in good shape is worth the short time you’re going to spend on this comprehensive and simple guide.

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Protecting Wigs During Transportation While Traveling with Wigs

You might be a bit nervous about traveling with wigs but if you consider the tips and tricks in this guide, you and your precious wig will be fine.

How to Pack Wigs for Travel

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, you should learn how to pack wigs for travel properly.

For a synthetic wig, you can turn it inside out, put a hairnet over it, and then put it in a plastic or silk bag. If the wig is long, you can simply tuck the rest of the hair in to avoid static.

If you don’t like to turn your wig inside out, just put a hairnet over it and then stick it in the plastic or silk bag.

And, if you’re afraid of damaging the cap, you can put a crumpled paper (when you buy a new wig there is usually one inside the cap.) inside it and then throw the net over it and put it in the bag.

Because synthetic wigs have style memory, when you take it out and shake it, it won’t need styling.

For human hair wigs, because they usually lose their style after packing and look a bit messy, you’ll need to style them. However, curly human hair wigs can be restyled very easily if you just sprinkle some water or hair products on the curls.

Use only silk bags, wig storage bags, or wig travel cases (which look like a carry-on) to pack a precious human hair wig.

Wig storage bags come with a hanger to hang your wig. But wig travel cases have enough room and even a stand for a wig head (usually you should purchase it separately). Then, you can simply put your wig on the head to protect the cap, strands, and style better. It’s a great choice for car trips.

Wearing Wigs Through the TSA at the Airport

At the airport (and some train stations), you have to go through the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). One of the main concerns of wig wearers is if they’re going to set off the X-ray alarm.

What we’ve heard from hundreds of our clients who suffer from hair loss and wear wigs almost all the time is that in most cases there aren’t any problems with wearing wigs during the security screening.

Even wigs that have metal clips, pins, or combs usually don’t set off the alarm. Even if they do, you can just tell the security you’re wearing wigs, and if you don’t want to take it off in public, just ask them to give you some privacy. To prevent this, you can use wigs without any metal parts.

Besides, to avoid any identification problems, it’s better to wear a wig that’s more similar to your hair in the photo on your ID card.

So, it’s generally nothing to worry about. Just try to stay calm and cooperate with them even if they want you to take it off, which is very rare. Remember they’re doing their job for the safety of people.

Wig Storage for Travel

Wig Storage

At the hotel, you should take out the wigs and store them properly. For synthetic wigs, you can just hang them upside down, preferably in the closet. Or, if you have a collapsible wig stand or a wig head, you can use them to store any wig, whether synthetic or human hair.

Just make sure that you don’t leave your wig

  • in a stuffed luggage,
  • in direct sunlight,
  • in a hot car,

Or any other place where heat, dust, and other elements can damage the fibers and the shape or make it lose its shine.

Read our article about How to Style, Wash, and Store Wigs for more information.

Best Wigs for Travel

When it comes to traveling with wigs, the best wig option is usually a matter of personal preference. For example, some people may prefer synthetic wigs because they’re lighter and hold their style. Also, they’re cheaper and you won’t lose a lot if something happens to them on a trip.

On the other hand, others may prefer to have the most natural-looking wig, so they opt for human hair wigs and they don’t mind restyling and being more careful when packing and storing them.

However, there are a couple of wig options that tend to make traveling with wigs easier for you.

  • Shorter wigs: shorter-length wigs are light, easier to pack and style, and generally low maintenance. So, they’re great choices for trips.
  • Straight or curly wigs (low maintenance textures): If the wig doesn’t have style memory, then go with a style that can be revived quickly and easily. For example, straight or curly wigs can be restyled very quickly.
  • Heat-resistant wigs: If you prefer a synthetic wig, it’s highly recommended to go with a heat-resistant one. They can be restyled more easily with regular heat-styling tools.

So, the best wig for travel is the one that you feel more comfortable with. But considering the factors above can help you have a better experience.

Prepare Yourself for Wig-Related Mishaps on a Trip

While traveling, unexpected events can happen. So, there’s a higher risk of wig-related mishaps on trips. Let’s go over some of these common problems to help you prepare for them in advance.

  • Tangles and frizz: They can happen while the wig is packed tightly or when you’re wearing it, especially in windy and humid weather. So, at the hotel, start detangling it gently from the ends of the strands, and little by little work your way up toward the roots. You can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Besides, a wig conditioner or detangler spray can make the process easier.
  • Problems with style: Due to packing and traveling, there’s a possibility that your wig lose its style or become misshapen. You can restyle it or revive its previous style by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Just make sure you pack the necessary tools, like your wig brush, styling tools, etc. You can also get help from any local wig care services in case you can’t do it on your own.
  • Slipping: If it’s not fixed properly, your wig can slip, especially during physical activities. So, make sure the method you use to secure the wig on your head (tapes, wig grips, wig clips, etc.) is suitable for the activities you’ll do and the conditions you’ll be in.
  • The destination weather conditions: Do some research about what the weather in the destination will be like and prepare for it. Direct sunlight, strong winds, rain, and other elements can damage the wig. Using a scarf or a hat can help protect your wig better.

By considering these potential problems, you can take the necessary items with you to handle them easily and quickly.

Travel-Friendly Wig Products to Pack

Here are some products that can come in handy while traveling with wigs.

  • A collapsible wig stand or a wig head,
  • A wig cap,
  • Wig shampoo and conditioner,
  • Wig styling products (mousse, spray, gel, hair pins, etc.),
  • Extra wig clips and adhesive tapes for, 
  • Wig freshener spray,
  • Anti-frizz products.

In addition to these wig-friendly travel accessories, don’t forget your wig brush or wig comb (wide-toothed). Plus, taking a scarf or a hat to protect your wig in different weather conditions is necessary.

Essential Tips on Wig Maintenance on the Go

Wig Maintenance

These are some of the best practices for traveling with wigs to ensure your peace of mind and maintain the wig’s quality.

  • Don’t put your wig pack in an overcrowded suitcase.
  • When traveling by plane, it’s better to carry the wig with you instead of checking it in.
  • Wear a wig cap for more comfort and hygiene, securing the wig more easily, and reducing the number of times you’ll need to wash your wig on a trip.
  • Wear a scarf or a hat in windy weather or direct sunlight.
  • Store your wig on a wig head or a wig stand away from direct sunlight, heat, and dust.
  • If you’re caught in the rain and your wig gets wet, blot dry the wig gently with a clean towel and let it air dry.
  • On longer trips, don’t forget to wash your wig when needed.
  • Brush/comb your wig regularly to avoid tangles.
  • Only use wig-specific products for washing, refreshing, or styling.

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FAQs about Traveling with Wigs

Here are your most common questions.

Can I Swim with My Wig?

Some wigs, especially synthetic wigs, can be damaged when they get wet. So, if you plan to go swimming on vacation with your wig on, the first thing to consider is if your type of wig is suitable for swimming or not.

Also, even if you have a swim wig, you should rinse it after swimming because the saltwater can damage the strands.

Can I Pack My Wig in a Carry-On Bag?

Yes. Actually, it’s better to carry the wig with you rather than checking it in. In this way, you make sure the wig isn’t in a tight place with heavy objects pressing it.

What’s the Best Way to Secure My Wig on a Trip?

It depends on your wig and the activities you’re going to do. For outdoor activities, wig tapes and adhesives can offer a more secure hold. But if you don’t anticipate a lot of activities, you can use clips or bands.

Consult with Experienced Wig Experts Before Ordering a Hair Piece in Southern California

As we have discussed above, you shouldn’t worry about wearing wigs on trips if you follow the guidelines. However, the quality of the wig and how well it fits you is an important factor as well.

You should always take into account your lifestyle and the purpose of wearing wigs before purchasing one. To make sure you’re making the right decision, call 310-991-0087 in Los Angeles, 949-322-9555 in Orange, and 949-640-4247 in San Diego to schedule a free consultation session with one of our wig experts.

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