The Magic Of Cancer Wigs For Chemo Patients to Restoring Self-Esteem & Beauty The Magic Of Cancer Wigs For Chemo Patients to Restoring Self-Esteem & Beauty

The Magic Of Cancer Wigs For Chemo Patients to Restoring Self-Esteem & Beauty


Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are designed to kill fast-replicating cancer cells. Unfortunately, those same treatments can affect other healthy areas of the body, such as your hair follicles. For 65% of cancer patients, the effects of chemotherapy lead to total or complete chemo hair loss.

The loss of your hair can be devastating for your dignity and self-esteem. Some cancer patients lose some of their hair, but a majority lose it all. For women and men, your hair can be tied intimately to your identity and personality. Having a full head of hair helps you feel your complete best. Losing your hair can be unexpected and downright upsetting.

The great news is that this hair loss is temporary, and your locks will eventually grow back after treatment ends. The length of time it takes to grow back varies from person to person. Your hair may grow to be a different consistency or color, but these effects can be temporary also.

In the meantime, a cancer wig made of human hair can be worn on your scalp to mimic the effects of your natural hair, which can effectively restore your dignity, enhance your self-esteem, and help you look your best while your cancer treatment is ongoing.


A Variety Of Human Hair Wig Options

Depending on the type of cancer treatment and the effects of chemo or radiation on your body, your level of hair loss may be different from someone else’s. You may experience total baldness, for example, while other patients only experience partial hair loss.


Human Hair Wigs For Complete Chemotherapy Hair Loss


Chemo Wig | Cancer Wigs | Newport Beach, CA


Chemo Wigs are ideal for cancer patients who have lost 80% to 100% of their hair, which is usually the case during the first phase of chemotherapy treatment. Full lace wigs fit entirely over your scalp and tend to offer maximum comfort for wearers. Full lace human hair wigs are also adjustable, meaning they can be adapted to your scalp for increased stability and realism.

In other words, when the wig fits snugly, you can exercise, play sports, and even swim, depending on the type of human hair wig you select. Each one is made to look and perform just like human hair, and many people will have no idea you’ve donned a wig at all.

The best cancer wigs are made of 100% Remy human hair, which implies that each strand is of the highest quality. These wigs are hand-crafted to ensure consistency and uniformity from strand-to-strand. When worn on the scalp, Remy wigs are as luxurious, can be styled in any manner, and come in a variety of lengths and colors to suit your exact style.


Fusion Extensions For Partial Hair Loss

Hair that has sprouted at least two inches can be fitted with keratin extensions that fuse to your hair using micro-ring technology. There are no glues, waxes, or harsh resins involved in the bonding, so the process will never harm the integrity of your hair. Fusion extensions are safe to apply and remove and will give you the natural-looking length, style, and color of hair you want.


Tape-In Hair Extensions For Longer Hair

When your hair has grown at least three inches and is healthy and strong enough to support hair extensions, you can transition from fusions to tape-in hair extensions. These human hair extensions will restore volume to your hair, giving it a denser appearance.

The human hair extensions can be cut, styled, and blended with your newly grown hair for a more natural look. These extensions can also be used to give you bangs or fringes, depending on your personal style.

Wigs vs. Hair Pieces vs. Top Pieces – What’s the Difference?


Medical Synthetic Wigs

Cancer treatments can sap your energy and finances. You didn’t plan for your hair to fall out amid all the madness of being diagnosed and possibly undergoing surgery, and so you probably didn’t have a chance to save for a Remy human hair wig.

Not to worry, there are synthetic hair loss solutions available for both men and women. Synthetic wigs aren’t as customizable as real human hair tends to be, and you can’t use curling irons or other heat-based treatments to style them to your preference, but the cost is considerably lower than wigs made of actual human hair.

Many medical wigs are developed in partnership with oncology centers around the country. These wigs are designed to make cancer patients like you feel more comfortable as you undergo treatment, and until your natural hair grows back in full.


The Cap Matters For Reliability & Comfort

When you think of a wig, you typically only focus on the hair, but you might want to also think about the cap underneath. Chemotherapy treatments can make the scalp sensitive to the touch. If the wig cap rubs or chafes, the act of keeping the wig in place can quickly become unbearable. Even the finest human hair wigs can irritate if the cap isn’t gentle against your skin.


Male Wigs & Extensions

Women are not the only cancer patients to lament about the loss of their hair. Men, too, take great pride in a full head of hair. Men, like women, do not have to walk around bald while cancer treatment is ongoing. Male human hair wigs and hair extensions can help male cancer patients retain their appearance while giving him the look and style of hair he wants.


Best Wigs for Cancer Patients

Shopping for wigs at your everyday wig retailer may not give you the experience you require as a cancer patient with partial or total hair loss. Wig retailers may not understand the uniqueness of the situation, such as the need for you to have a soft and forgiving cap underneath your human hair wig of choice.

You are sure to get a better experience from a wig retailer that specializes in wigs for cancer patients. Take Newport Hair Loss Center, for example.

We offer a wide variety of 100% natural hair wigs that can be customized for your needs. Want a human hair ponytail? A chemo wig that feels as light as a cloud against your scalp? How about a male wig made of real hair that perfectly matches your previous hair color and style?

Visit Newport Hair Loss Center with locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Newport Beach. Chemo may have robbed you of your hair, but you are beautiful regardless. Let us restore your self-esteem with a chemotherapy wig made just for you. Call now to schedule a free and private consultation.



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