Tips for Healthy Hair & Scalp


If you want your hair to have more length and volume than you should consider treating your scalp properly.  Beautiful hair starts at the roots so make sure you are paying attention to your scalp!




If you want your those locks looking longer, fuller and healthier make sure you are getting enough of these crucial vitamins. Look for a supplement or regiment made for hair, nails, and skin that contains biotin, silica, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, and omega-3.


You are what you eat

You should be getting most of your vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet! If you notice that you have a dry scalp be sure to incorporate more fish oils and omega threes into your diet. Vegans should focus on a diet that contains enough protein and iron for healthy hair.


Watch how often you color your hair

Coloring your hair too often can lead to permanent hair damage. When you get your hair colored does it tingle? If your hair is tingling this could indicate scalp problems. If your scalp is dry it will only get worse over time which can lead to dandruff, inflammation, unhealthy hair follicles, and potentially hair loss.


Exfoliate your scalp

You need to exfoliate your scalp! Traditionally more importance is placed on exfoliating your face and skin, but the scalp needs attention too. Try adding a couple of teaspoons of sugar to your shampoo to help get rid of dead skin cells and exfoliate your scalp.


Use Conditioner

Many women are afraid to use conditioner on their scalp because they’re afraid of clogging their pours; however, just make sure your conditioner is noncomedogenic so that you can actually use it from roots to ends. You might also want to try a drop of Morrocan Oil with your conditioner as well!